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Captian David Weller is pictured in front of a Martinsburg Fire Department ambulance at Co. 1. Hes an extremely hardworking, an emergency medicine and fire department focused individual. Hes done so much for our organization in promoting fire safety and EMS, said Dr. Michael Mills, state medical director. Hes helped the West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services in numerous ways. Captain Weller said he has plans to help EMSAC become more proficient. I proposed a restructuring of EMSAC so it is run very similar to the fire commission with committees, Weller said. Under the Weller plan, EMSAC would be comprised of four committees, which would allow any issues to first be presented to the appropriate committee for review and discussion. It was very hard to accomplish something (before), Weller said. It could also save time for anyone presenting an issue to EMSAC, according to Weller. If somebody calls the office of EMS and they complain about something that should be referred to EMSAC, EMSAC then listens to their concern, comes up with a solution or multiple solutions. Its then voted on how we are going to handle it, and then we turn that over to the commissioner at (the) Bureau of Public Health and he implements a policy procedure to fix the concern, Weller said. One of the things that I am recommending by going to a committee structure everyone will know that every time EMSAC meets that if they have a problem anywhere in the state, they can come to that EMSAC meeting and they can go to that prospective committee that involves their concern and they can have a voice there and be heard. Weller said this structure would be similar to the state fire commission.

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The quote, “the eyes are the windows to the soul” could be a reference to our intestinal tract. These can also be uncomfortable to wear in Thanking You dusty or polluted environments. OOo Valley Chiropractors believe that they can aid in your recovery. Tucson Chiropractors help encourage your body to heal itself so that you don’t need to see a doctor and undergo invasive and uncomfortable procedures. There is a lot of eye physicians who are able to help you to Thank You achieve better vision right now. The sad thing is that most people don’t even realize how far they have slipped, in terms of health. is never a problem when you are always using brand new contacts. This can cause problems with depth perception and can lead to Amblyopia. The easiest way to realise what’s near-sightedness ta and which factors may increase your possibility of near-sightedness is to have a look at the basic cause of myopia. One California-based veterinarian claims that because the initial symptoms of Glaucoma can be very subtle many California pet owners to not immediately bring their dogs and for an examination. Select frames that have a vintage appear and you cannot go wrong.

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